Have a question or need some assistance with one of our games? We are here to help! Please read our general FAQ, then the FAQ for the game of your choice. Still have a question? Contact using the form found at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about a specific game. Do you have an FAQ for that game?

Yes! You can find No Zombies Allowed here, My Town 2: Getaways here and My Town: Animals here. If you have a question or need support for Miniguns: Assault, go to our Miniguns: Assault support site here.

Are Booyah games free?

Early Bird and Friends, My Town 2: Getaways, No Zombies Allowed, Early Bird, and My Town: Animals are free to download and play for the life of the game! You do have the option of buying premium currency and items, such as Bucks (No Zombies Allowed/My Town 2: Getaways) or Carrots (My Town: Animals).

What are the minimum specs to play Booyah games?

  • Early Bird and Friends: iPod Touch (4th Generation) or iPhone 3Gs, iPad (iOS 4.0)
  • My Town 2: Getaways: iPod Touch (3rd Generation) or iPhone 3GS, iPad (iOS 4.0)
  • My Town: Animals: iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch (4th Generation), iPad (iOS 4.0)
  • No Zombies Allowed: iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch (3rd Generation), iPad (iOS 4.0), Android 2.3+

Are Booyah games available for Android?

At this time Early Bird and Friends, My Town 2: Getaways, Early Bird, and My Town: Animals are only available on mobile iOS devices (iPad, iPod, and iPhone). No Zombies Allowed is available on both iOS and Android devices. No Zombies Allowed can be found in the Google Play Store and works on most devices that have firmware of Gingerbread and beyond (version 2.3 and up).

Can I play the same game on both my iPhone and iPad, or my Android Phone and Tablet?

No. At this time it is not possible to play one game on multiple devices. Trying to do so will put your game and data at risk of being lost, so please choose just one device to play on.

I just got a new phone and want to transfer my game to it, can I do this?

At this time we are able to transfer My Town 2: Getaways and No Zombies Allowed saved games. If you have recently upgraded your device simply send us a message and we will work with you to get everything figured out as best we can.  Please make sure you include the following information:

  • Game
  • User/Booyah ID On Old Device
  • User/Booyah ID On New Device
  • Level Of Old Town


Please note that we are unable to transfer iOS games to Android devices and vice-versa.

I want to start over. Can you please reset my game to the beginning?

At this time we do not offer this service.

What is a User/Booyah ID and where can I find mine?

Your User/Booyah ID is a unique 8-digit number by which we can identify your game and account. On iOS devices It can be found by going to your device settings and then selecting the application you would like to view. On Android devices it is found within the game Settings. Whenever you report an issue, bug, or send us an inquiry, please include this ID. Remember, each game has its own ID associated with it. If you need additional help locating your Booyah ID please follow the steps located here for iOS devices or here for Android devices.

I let my son play on my device and he spent $100 in your game! I thought your game was free? And how do I get that money back?

Our games (as with many of the game found in the App Store) offer the ability to make In-App purchases of items and currency. It is likely that the purchases you see were made through this method. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to process refunds.

What are In-App purchases?

When you have your game open you will be able to purchase premium items, such as premium currency, or even items. When you select an item to purchase and after you confirm that you would like to complete the purchase, the credit card attached to your iTunes/App Store/Google Play Store account will be charged. Please be very careful and aware when you are making purchases and be careful who you let use your device.

How can I turn off In-App purchases?

On Apple iOS devices, if you want to prevent all applications from being able to make In-App purchases, you may do so under your device’s settings. To do this open up the device Settings and select General. Select Restrictions. If they are not already enabled then you will need to enable them and set a four-digit passcode. You will then need to open up Restrictions and scroll down until you find In-App Purchases. You can then choose to enable/disable them. Depending on your device, you may also set it so that your Apple ID password is required anytime a purchase is made. Be sure to protect your passcode and password to prevent unauthorized purchases.

On Android devices you will need to adjust your In-App purchase settings directly in the Google Play Store. To do this open the Google Play Store application, press Menu and then choose Settings. Scroll down and under User Controls, select “Set or Change PIN”. Enter your selected PIN as instructed, confirm it by entering the same PIN again, and then check the box that says “Use PIN for Purchases”. Make sure to keep your PIN to yourself.

How do I turn notifications ON/OFF?

There are two locations under which you can edit your notifications depending on what device you are on:

On Apple iOS devices, open up the device Settings, select Notifications, and adjust the notifications to your preferred settings.

On both iOS and Android devices, in the Application if you open up the Settings, you will see a list of the various kinds of notifications you can receive. Select those you prefer to receive, and then return to the game.

Why won’t the game load? I really want to play!

If you are having issues loading the game on an iOS device please try the following:

    1. Make sure that you are running the most recent game version
    2. Check your internet/wireless connection
    3. Uninstall the application (your progress will not be lost)
    4. Power cycle the phone (turn it off/on)
    5. Download and re-install the application

If you are having issues loading the game on an Android device please try the following:

    1. Make sure that you are running the most recent game version
    2. Check your internet/wireless connection
    3. Power cycle the phone (turn it off/on)
    4. Go to Settings > Applications > No Zombies, and tap “Force Stop” before relaunching the game
    5. If the game still does not load, install a new version of the application OVER the current version
      *Please do NOT uninstall the application, as you will lose your progress/data*

If you have tried all of the above and are still unable to load the game, please send use our contact form to let us know. Don’t forget to include your User/Booyah ID, the game title, and what device you are using.

Your App froze my device! What do I do now?

If you are unable to exit the App under normal methods, you will need to do a hard shutdown. On an Apple iOS device to do a hard shutdown hold down both the Home and Power buttons on your device for at least ten seconds. The screen will go black. Use the power button to turn the device on normally, and you will then see the Apple logo as it boots back up. On most Android devices hold down the Power button for at least ten seconds to perform a hard shutdown.

Help! I am experiencing a bug/glitch!

If you are experiencing a bug or glitch then please be sure to let us know right away by sending us a message using our web support form here.

Please note also that while we always endeavor to provide the best gaming experience with our apps, we cannot be held responsible for malfunctions resulting from device tampering or any activity nullifying your device and/or carrier warranty.

I sent you a bug report but I still haven’t gotten a response!

Our business hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm PST. Reports and inquiries received during business hours will be responded to within 24 hours. Those received outside of business hours may take up to 72 hours to receive a response

Still have a question?

Contact Booyah Support

Please don’t forget to include a thorough description of your issue, the game title, device information, and your Booyah ID!